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Patio heaters, whether gas or electric, are popular in a wide range of settings, including restaurants, entertainment venues, and sports stadiums. As long as it's warm enough for you to sit outside, many individuals enjoy doing so, even on the coldest days. An extra room for hobbies, businesses, pets, and comfortable storage can be found on heated patios. Increasingly, patios are becoming a place to relax and socialize, even becoming a focal point for the community.

Specially developed for outdoor commercial and hospitality establishments: they're safe, modern, and require little space, our outdoor heaters are known for their high quality and functionality.  Our collection of electric and gas patio heaters is readily available and can be installed according to your requirements and location. Patio heaters from Kozy Korner Fire Pits are employed in various settings, including weddings, military functions, poultry operations, and a slew of other activities, both classified and not. It is common for our patio heaters to be used in rooftop restaurants, but they are also being increasingly used in the banquet hall, meeting spaces, and hotels to create a warm and cozy environment in cold weather.

With a full range of outdoor patio heaters from Kozy Korner Fire Pits, heating the vast outdoors is now a whole new experience! Kozy Korner patio heaters allow users to precisely manage the temperature of their outside living and working environments, giving them greater power over the weather. Rather than heating the air, the Kozy Korner patio heaters generate infrared energy from natural gas or propane combustion. The amazing performance of Kozy Korner's patio heaters can melt ice and snow just like the sun's radiation does!

Check out our full range of outdoor patio heaters on our website. Our outdoor heaters are of the highest quality and are built to last. These heaters warm people, objects, and the environment to a comfortable temperature. Our heater's innovative design transforms gas-fired energy into soothing infrared waves. Furthermore, it can produce heat levels ranging from mild warmth to sweltering heat, making it a versatile appliance. You can't go wrong with any of our patio heater models. Our patio heaters are best in class!



  • Multipurpose heaters with a stainless steel finish are perfect for any outdoor occasion, from a party to a wedding to a restaurant patio.
  • A one-piece quartz glass tube heater will look fantastic with any patio set because it is tall and strong. It is ideal to have portable patio heaters with corrosive-resistant finishes, strong accents, commercial-grade parts, and wheels.


Using a patio heater to warm the air is a great way to combat the weather's chill. As a result of their reliance on carbon-rich fossil fuels and the massive amounts of heat they dissipate, these devices are viewed as very controversial. Patio heaters not only warm you, but they also heat the air and the surrounding environment.

It's essential to be mindful of anything close to an outdoor heater when using one on a covered patio. Under a covered patio, it is possible to use an outdoor heater. Still, following the safety instructions in the owner's manual of your particular heater is crucial to minimize the fire risk. This includes what you put near your heater and your patio cover.