What is a fire pit?

By definition, a fire pit is a hole designed to contain a fire and to prevent it from spreading. Fire pits are also a decorative accessory for your outdoor living area to provide beauty, warmth and ambiance. The fire pits we offer are available in wood, gas and propane burning styles as well as different shapes such as round, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, rectangle and square.

What types of ignitions are there?

Match Light, Manual safety pilot, and Remote Control with Electronic Ignitions.

Can I burn wood in my gas fire pit?

No. The intense heat generated by a wood burning fire could damage your fire pit. If you want to burn wood, look into getting a wood burning fire pit.

What is fire pit media?

Fire pit decor is what is used to fill your fire pit and give it the look that you desire. Media types include: decorative fire glass, lava rocks, fire pit stones, mixed media, and fire pit logs.