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When planning the ultimate outdoor experience, details count. The smallest details are just as significant as the big ones when purchasing a gas fire pit table or a tabletop gas fire pit.

Fire media, such as crystals, pebbles, or diamonds, are fundamental to every propane fire. Fire media protects your burner and disperses flame heat. Kozy Korner Fire Pits incorporate transparent glass gems in their gas fire tables and burners.

Still, there are a number of additional fire pit table accessories that can be used to produce an even more unique and spectacular glow. Check out our selection of Fire Pit Table Accessories now!


Fire pit accessories can elevate the experience beyond simply a pit and some wood (or gas) for an evening of fun in the open air. Here are some "must-haves" for your fire pit:
For emergencies, a supply of water or a fire extinguisher.
A well-stocked first aid pack is essential.
A fire pit snuffer.
A fire pit spark screen.
A pair of tongs for the fire pit
Heat-resistant glove

Put one or two cans in the base of your fire pit after removing the lids. If your planter is particularly deep, you might need to support the cans with tiny rocks and metal pails. Leave space above the gel fuel cans, add the metal mesh and lightly cover with lava rocks.